How to Word Your Invitations When Children are Not Invited

Many couples wrestle with the question of whether or not to include children on their guest list. If you have ultimately decided not to (due to budget concerns, venue limitations, or just because you want to have an intimate wedding and reception without the pitter patter of little feet running around), then you’ll be faced with how to word that on your invitations. We asked stationery expert, Heather Nagle to spell out a few wording options for you…

Heather’s favourite wording is short and to the point: “Adult reception to follow.” She says you can also include the line: “We have reserved _____ seat(s) for you,” and simply write in the number of adults you’re inviting.

If it’s not sitting right with you yet, Heather has numerous other wording ideas:

  • “Respectfully, an adult only occasion”

  • “We are unable to accommodate children at our wedding”

  • “Please note, this will be an adults-only 19+ celebration”

  • “We would like to respectfully ask that our wedding is for adults only. And hope that parents will enjoy a night off”

  • “Regrettably on this occasion, we feel that it is not suitable for children”

Ultimately, you don’t owe your guests an explanation about why you aren’t inviting their children. “You shouldn’t feel bad for omitting them,” she explains, adding, “In some situations, you’ll allow some children like those who’s parents are traveling a distance to attend your wedding, or the children in your wedding party. Whatever the reason or circumstance, it’s perfectly okay to simplify your guest list and omit children.”

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