All wedding invitation packages include the invitation, mailing envelope, reply card, and reply envelope. If a reply card isn't required,
 a different card may be used in it's place (i.e. directions, details, or accommodations), or a price adjustment can be made.

Starting at

$4.50 ea


Starting at

$5.00 ea


Select from our pre-designed invitation collection
Completely custom 5x7 wedding invitation
5x7 invitation with coloured
layer backing

Starting at

$4.00 ea

Pre-Designed Invitation

Starting at

$5.50-$7.50 ea

Pocket or pocketfold

Pocket or pocketfold with
Additional insert cards $1.50 ea
Map design fee $25.00 and up

Prices subject to change

How many invitations do I need?

Good question! And one we get all of the time! Once you have your guest list confirmed, take that number, and divide it by 2, then add 3-5 and that's how many invitations you should order!

If you have 140 guests to invite, you'll need to order about 75 invitations
80 guests? Order 43 invitations
Big wedding with 230 guests? 120 invitations would do!

guest list ÷ 2 + a few = invitations to order!

Additional Services

If you can make it out of paper, we can design it for you! Please let us know if you're interested in something not listed below!​

Thank you Cards

Seating Chart

Birthday and shower Invitations

Starting at $2.25 ea
5x7 flat or folded card
Includes mailing envelopes

Starting at $90.00 ea
Custom sizes available
Starting at $1.25 ea
Min order qty 12
Includes mailing envelopes



Table Numbers

Starting at $2.25 ea
Starting at $1.50 ea
Tented or flat
Starting at $2.50 ea

Save the Date Cards


Starting at $2.25 ea
Starting at $3.00 ea